Am I Doing This Right?: Prayer and Manifestation

Laying in the middle of my bed, the cool breeze from the ceiling fan gently lifts and drops the sheet with which I’m covered. I feel something familiar, but long absent – a smile. And it’s not one of those, I’m smiling because social norms call for me to appear pleasant and approachable. It is a genuine smile.

See, even though I’m feeling more balanced and at peace than I have in some time, I’ve still been very diligent with my spiritual work. Praying, working with my crystals, keeping my salt lamps on, lavender aromatherapy and meditation. And as a result, I’m content and can actually visualize myself leading my desired life in a happy way without getting impatient.

But in true form, I have to find something to worry about. Currently, it’s that my inner life is too calm. Crazy, right? How can life be too calm?

What I mean is that I’m dealing with juxtaposed ideas. In prayer, it’s “Let Go and Let God,” meaning give my cares to God and let go of the worry associated with them. In meditation, it’s to be aware of things, but to allow them to be what that they will.

BUT in prayer, it is also about continuing to lift something in prayer as an act of faith that God will provide a resolution. And in meditation, it’s about mindfully envisioning my desired life.

So to summarize, release a desire out into the Universe and trust that it will materialize, but also keep it at the front of my mind so the Universe knows this is something of importance to me. I usually lean towards the latter and stress myself out, but I currently feel like I’m all the way on the side of the former and I’m wondering if I’m doing this right. It feels great, but should there be more balance? Or should I even care?

BONUS: This is a law of attraction guided meditation I listened to and loved last night. Hope if helps somebody else as much as it helped me 💞


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