How Lavender Soap Started A [Personal] Revolution

The movie credits rolled, I turned the TV off  and glanced at the clock. “9:30. Plenty of time to take a shower, do a facial, journal and meditate before bed.”

But as I closed the blinds in my bedroom, I glanced out of the window onto my driveway and recognized the distinct reflection of the moon on a car windshield. The problem is, I park my car in my garage.  Someone else’s car was parked on my driveway.

I immediately texted my next door neighbor. Apparently her car broke down a couple of weeks ago and is parked on her driveway. And she’s housing another broken down car in her garage. The spot that would be her visitor spot is occupied by the car she’s borrowing from one of her friends. As a result, any time someone comes to visit her, she’s asked me if they can park in my driveway. My garage is a one-car garage, so a car on my driveway means my car is prevented from accessing or exiting the garage. Generally speaking, in the past, I haven’t had a problem with her guests parking at my house because I know parking is tight in our neighborhood.  But recently it’s happening at least once a week. And now she apparently feels she can have her friends use my driveway without even asking my permission.

She replied to my text message 15 minutes later at the exact moment I called a tow truck company to remove the car. Her response was, “Do you need to leave?”

I was so irritated, I texted her landlord, my former neighbor. I explained the situation and the fact that I’m to the point of feeling like I have to ask her permission to leave or enter my house now. He said he would figure everything out and apologized for the inconvenience.

But I was still worked up; I considered scrapping all of the self care I had planned to do before going to sleep and in favor just crawling into bed.

But then I started thinking about how when I’m faced with obstacles, the work I’m doing to improve myself gets derailed. I get discouraged easily. For instance, every time I have an interview for a promising job and I am not selected for the position, I stop applying for jobs for months! So, maybe that’s part of a bigger lesson I need to finally grasp – when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

I got out of bed, took a shower with my lavender soap, did my facial, meditated and dimmed my salt lamp so I could receive its good energy while I slept. It was the most revolutionary self care night ever lol



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