May Be Time to Call in the Big Guns: Career Coaches

Does anybody here follow me on Twitter? If not, you should – @_Frank_Lisa. Sometimes I’m not just tweeting random thoughts lol Like today, I tweeted that I was listening to Career Coach Ashley Stahl’s webinar on how to land a job – from resume and networking pointers, to how to effectively answer tough interview questions and last but not least, handling the dreaded salary negotiations.

In all honesty, I may have only learned one thing I didn’t know during the hour-long webinar, but it peaked my interest enough for me to start looking for local career coaches.

As many of you know, I’ve been looking for a new job pretty intensively for the past year or so, with not much success – one contract position that fell through and another dream job that I was the runner up for.

Obviously I’m not doing something quite right or as effectively as I should be, so I’m thinking it may be time to reach out for professional assistance. Have any of you used career coaches? If so, what were your experiences?



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