Job Interviews, 5 a.m. Workouts, and Weddings, Oh My!

Guys, I’ve been so focused on trying to be my best self so I will be ready for the blessings God has for me, that I haven’t had time to write. So, I’ll try to do a brief recap of my past two weeks or so.

Since my last post, I did briefly try to find a career coach to help me finally land a new job. But I decided in the meantime, I’d step my own game up by trying the resume tip I found useful from the Ashley Stahl webinar I attended.

In short, Ashely gave the pointer that most recruiters/hiring managers only read the top bullet point for each section of your resume, so that needs to be the strongest. I put this together with the information I’ve received from people who receive a lot of interview requests from recruiters that they slightly tailor their resume to fit each job application. So, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been reordering my experience bullet points so they match the order of the position requirements for jobs I’ve been applying for.

I’ve received three interview requests!!

I can’t tell you guys how much of a boost to my self confidence these gave me. Now, I’m just praying that God keeps me humble and that he will place me in the position where I will be able to do the most good.

In other, not so interesting news (I give you permission to stop reading here lol I’m only writing this because I promised I’d tell you all what I’ve been up to for two weeks), I have gotten back to waking up at 5:15 in the a.m. to work out. Those first five minutes after the alarm clock goes off when I’m trying to convince myself to drag my butt out of bed are the worst, but after I’m up and moving (and especially after I’ve worked out) I feel great. It’s also a wonderful feeling to know I’m being disciplined in my workout and eating regiment.

Hmm…what else? Fun stuff coming up: I’m gearing up to start Camp Nanowrimo, where my goal is to get a solid first draft of a short story (3-5 pages) by the end of July. I’ve never successfully completed a fictional story idea mainly because character development intimidates me (I usually write nonfiction), so this project will be a challenge for me. 2) My good friend is having her wedding ceremony on September 2 and asked me to be a bridesmaid. I’m the only local bridesmaid, so I have the honor of trying on the dress she has in mind. As backstory, her and her husband actually married last year, but they went to the Justice of the Peace with the understanding that they’d have a ceremony on their one year anniversary. So, she’s trying not to make this a big ordeal for everyone and has decided to order simple dresses from Amazon. Before every bridesmaid orders their dress, she wanted to order one for me (since I’m the only local friend) to make sure the dress is a good quality and fits well. So it should be fun having a dress fitting with her later this week 🙂

I guess that’s all. Please keep me in your prayers and/or send me good vibes or whatever positivity you believe in so that I land a new job! And I’ll talk to you all soon.


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