What the Actual Eff?

I know they say nothing worth having comes easy, but I’m just exhausted from feeling like I have to jump through hoops for EVERYTHING. I just want something to work out effortlessly for me.

So you all know how good of a mood I was in yesterday; as I walked outside to prepare to take the phone call from the hiring manager of the position I am being considered for (my office building has no space for private calls and nobody can get cell phone reception in the building, so most of us take calls outside), the sun was shining and I was offering up silent prayers of thanks. It just felt like everything was lining up. About half an hour before the scheduled call, I was talking to my friend/co-worker and she reminded me I hadn’t read the full bio of the hiring manager. Once I did so, I found out the manager graduated from the same college as me.

Also, the organization’s office is located in the building where I worked almost 10 years ago. So, I’m familiar with and love the area where the job is located. Plus, it goes without saying because I applied for the job, I stand behind the organization’s mission.

Anyway, I was outside waiting for the call. About 10 minutes after its scheduled time, I checked my e-mail and had a message from the hiring manager. She said she got tied up and wanted to know if she could call at 3:15. I replied telling her that was fine.

She called and told me about the organization and the position and then started asking me questions about my qualifications. I was halfway into my response when it started pouring rain. Luckily, moments before, I explained my situation of why I was taking the call outside, so now all I had to tell her was “A huge downpour just started.” I told her I was going to run inside and try to find a spot close to the window to see if I could still get reception. After several attempts, I finally found a spot in between two sets of doors – an echo chamber for all intents and purposes – where she could make out every other word I said.

Anyway, I’m giving great responses and she’s being understanding about the situation and receptive to my answers.

Halfway into her questions, it stopped raining so I told her I was going to go  back outside so she could hear me better. Everything’s going great.

She finished questioning me and asked if I had any questions for her. I asked her one question, she answered and then it started pouring again. I managed to ask her two more questions, but I was distracted, so they weren’t great questions at all. And then there was awkward silence. I told her it was pouring again, she apologized that the weather wasn’t cooperating and said she wished she had been able to call earlier (I think implying that if she had, I may have missed the storm). She also told me that she’d be calling other candidates this week, so I wouldn’t hear from her until next week.

I went into my office and sent her an e-mail thanking her for taking the time to interview me, apologized again for the circumstances and told her I’d love to talk to her more under more favorable conditions. Basically begging for a follow-up interview. I haven’t heard from her. I know she told me I wouldn’t hear from her until next week, but I was hoping she’d acknowledge my apology e-mail because of the special situation.

Then, I was supposed to have an in-person interview today with another company. I took off of work so I could properly get myself together. But when I got in the car to head to the interview, I noticed I had a voicemail. It was a message from the job recruiter telling me the hiring manager was stuck in a meeting. She wanted to know if we could reschedule to tomorrow.

This is the same company that originally had me scheduled for an interview on Friday and called me Monday morning asking to reschedule to today. Also, the recruiter knows I have an appointment tomorrow because that fact came up when we were originally trying to find a time to meet. AND she knows that I’ve been scheduling and rescheduling leave to accommodate the interview.

I called her back and let her know tomorrow won’t work because of my appointment, I can’t take anymore leave this pay period, and asking if we could do the interview over the phone.

I swear, I try so hard to get out of this rut I’ve been in for the past couple of years. Every time it seems like I’m having a breakthrough, stuff happens that makes me think, “this can’t happen to anybody else.”

And with that, I’m finished moping. I really am trying to improve the way I deal with disappointment, starting with refocusing myself quicker each time something bizarre happens to me.

I’m honestly still a little blown away that two bizarre things happened back-to-back, but I think my next stepping stone, now that I think I’ve discovered how to grab job recruiters’ attention, is to master this crazy interview process smh



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